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Proflexoral-Read Side Effects & Scam Before Buying

Using a patented, eight-in-one formulation, Proflexoral is a double action dietary supplement that promises to relieve joint stiffness and pain, soothe inflammation, increase mobility, and rebuild your cartilage and joint material destroyed by the aging process—without the potentially dangerous side effects associated with pain relievers.

In fact, the website tells us the supplement has even been shown to outperform popular OTC medications and prescription drugs by easing pain in as little as 15 minutes, while steadily improving mobility and stiffness over the course of 24 hours. When used on a regular basis, they claim some patients have reported a reduction of 87 percent in their pain management costs.

All of this sounds great in principle, but will you find that Proflexoral delivers on its marketing promises once you have the supplement in your home? Does it actually represent a beginning to your pain-free life?

Potential Proflexoral Side Effects

According to the Proflexoral website, “Patient studies have reported no adverse side effects” related to the supplement as a whole.

However, WebMD and the Natural Medicines Database point out that cocoa contains caffeine, which can cause stimulant-related side effects such as nervousness, jitteriness, and insomnia, especially if you’re sensitive.

In some instances (no dosages or other specifics provided), milk thistle can have a laxative effect. And because Panax ginseng “may have some hormone-like effects that could be harmful with prolonged use,” they don’t recommend taking it for more than six months at a time.

Finally, they report that turmeric and ginger can have mild interactions (again, no dosages or specifics provided) with blood clotting medications. Cocoa can also have a slew of potential drug interactions, so be sure to speak with your doctor before taking any new dietary supplement to avoid potential side effects and medication interactions.


Proflexoral comes in packages to suit the need of the customers. The deals include:

·         One-month supply of the supplement for $39.99

·         1 bottle per month with a 25% off the fixed price at $29.99

·         3 bottles of the supplement with 1 free bottle for a price of $119.97

·         4 bottles of the product with 3 free supplement bottles for $159.96

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This incredible, all-natural formula includes:

• Boswellia Serrata Resin Extract: Also known as BSE, this ingredient is critical for cooling painful inflammation in your body.  It works by blocking the enzymes that cause inflammation, which means you can exercise, work in the garden, and even sleep better.

• Turmeric Curcumin Root: Medical researchers are just now discovering how powerful this spicy root is.  It acts like a firehose on painful inflammation throughout your body.  It helps patients recover their youthful flexibility for work and hobbies.

• Glucosamine: 25 clinical trials have shown that this natural ingredient helps rebuild the joint cartilageand the fluid in our joints that allows you to move without pain. 

• Chondroitin: Healthy joint material naturally degrades as you age.  That's why its critical to rebuild healthy joint material with glucosamine and chondroitin, scientifically proven to restore aging and overworked joints.

• Quercetin: This natural antioxidant is usually found in vegetables. But thanks to over-farming and reduced soil mineralization, it now must be supplemented in your diet. It helps the body fight oxidization and inflammation as you age.

 L-Methionine: This essential amino acid, which comes from fish, helps your body heal itself naturally.  It can also help rebuild bone mass and joint materials.

 MSM: This natural sulfur compound is created by plankton and is necessary for collagen production in the body.  Collagen gives your cartilage and skin that 'springy and spongy' feeling that makes walking and running pain free.

• Bromelain: This phytonutrient is prevalent in pineapple and has been used for centuries to reduce swelling after injury. Now patients just like you are using it to fight painful inflammation.

• Potassium: The benefits of potassium are too numerous to list, but it is included in this patented mix to help rebuild your bodies bones and joints.

The advantages of taking Proflexoral include the following:

Pain relief: Patients are reporting that Proflexoral reduces joint pain in as little as 15 minutes! The improvement steadily improves, and relieves stiffness over the first 24 hours.

1. Rebuilds the joints: As you probably know, your painful joints are caused by damaged cartilage and inflammation. The active ingredient in Proflexoral actually rebuilds this cartilage, as well as reducing the inflammation.

2. No side effects: Amazingly, patient studies have reported not one adverse side effect. If you take NSAIDS or over the counter pain relief for an extended period of time, you’ll be all too familiar with the digestive problems these can cause.  Not to mention damaging the stomach lining and kidneys.  So you end up taking further drugs to guard against these.  In addition, many prescription pain relief medications can be addictive, not to mention causing heart attacks and strokes.

3. A return to normality: Many users have reported that they can now enjoy their work and hobbies once again. For instance, being able to walk distances without pain, work in the garden, knit…  In other words, return to the activities they used to enjoy before joint pain began blighting their life


Proflexoral is a potent pain relief supplement. It may help to get rid of creaky joints by restoring them and treating the pain. All ingredients are of good quality including the turmeric being traced from pure sources. It claims to treat pains within minutes.